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Hamilton Electric Original Dial GE Pacer
Not Surprising That GE Was Fond Of Electric Watches
Price  $ 1495.00
Hamilton Electric Altair
Hamilton Electric Icon
Price  $ 3495.00
Asymmetric Hamilton-Ricoh With 555E Movement
Joint Venture & Large Size For The Era (See Comparison To Taurus In Photos)
Price  $ 795.00
Hamlton Electric Vega
Classic Arbib Styling
Price  $ 2495.00
NOS Hamilton Electric White Savitar II Bracelet
Complete Your Rare White Gold Filled Savitar II
Price  $ 495.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Ventura Black Dial
The Watch That Introduced The Hamilton Electric
Price  $ 2895.00
Hamilton Electric 18K Kraft Award Ventura
One Of Two Known To Exist, Proving A Few 18K Models Were Slated For The U.S.
Price  $ 11995.00
Hamilton Electric Protototype Gold Dial Meteor
Originated From Hamilton Design Department & Obtained From Rene Rondeau
Price  $ 3495.00
Hamilton Electric Original Finish Black Dial Pacer
Great Example With Original Dial Finish
Price  $ 1095.00
Hamilton Electric 14K White Diamond Dial Ventura

Sale Pending

Price  $ 8995.00
Hamilton Elecctric Wear Test PROTOTYPE
Issued To Company Employees For Testing & Return
Price  $ 2195.00
Hamilton Electric GE Savitar II
Much More Scarce Than Pacer GE Dials
Price  $ 895.00
Hamilton Electric Pacer With Crosshatch Dial
Great Looking Crosshatch Dial & NO BRASSING On Case
Price  $ 845.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Pacer Sanders & Thomas
An Extremely Rare Find
Price  $ 6995.00
Hamilton Electric Silver Dial Pacer
With Original Finish Dial & No Brassing, It's A Keeper
Price  $ 1095.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Gold Pacer (Ventura II)
Only 400 Of This Rare GE Award Watch Produced
Price  $ 6495.00
Hamilton Electric GE Victor

One Of Only Two Known To Exist & Serviced By Rene Rondeau In January 2015

Price  $ 1295.00
Hamilton Electric Custom Rhodium Pacer
Price  $ 1495.00
Hamilton Electric GE Altair
Only GE Altair Known To Exist
Price  $ 3995.00
Hamilton Electric Altair Bracelet
Price  $ 895.00
Hamilton Electric Pacer Bracelet
Rarer Of The Two Designs
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Original Ventura Strap & 14K Buckle
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric Florentine Pacer Bracelet
Complete Your Pacer
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric Custom Rhodium Pacermatic
Custom Interpretation Of The Original
Price  $ 1995.00
Hamilton Reissue 50th Ann. Ventura #1549 of 1957
Price  $ 1595.00
Hamilton Electric Original Finish Silver Meteor
Rare Original Finish Silver Dial
Price  $ 2695.00
Hamilton Electric Nautilus 405
Uncommon Find, & Only Nautilus With An Oval Shaped Case
Price  $ 595.00
Hamilton Electric Regulus
Original Finish Dial, Correct Hands & "D" Case Design Makes It A Keeper
Price  $ 1495.00
Hamilton Electric Pegasus
With Original Finish Dial, It's A Nice Find
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Polaris
Price  $ 795.00
Hamilton Electric Factory Custom Wayne Feeds Pacer
Factory Custom Dial For Wayne Feeds
Price  $ 995.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Silver Dial Spectra
Great Example With Original Finish Dial
Price  $ 1495.00
Original Meteor Bracelet
Complete Your Meteor
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Reissue 18K Ventura
One Of Only Fifty Made
Price  $ 3995.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Silver Dial Ventura
Watch That Introduced The Hamilton Electric
Price  $ 2895.00
Hamilton Electric White Gold Filled Saturn
Has Caseback From A Converta, But Fits Perfectly, Making For A Super Buy
Price  $ 895.00
Haton Electric 14K Polaris II
Much More Rare Than The Original Polairs
Price  $ 895.00
Hamilton Electric White GF Saturn Black Dial
If You Don't Own This Model, You Should
Price  $ 1495.00
Hamilton Electric Saturn
Patterned After The Spectra With Spectacular Dial Pattern
Price  $ 1095.00
Hamilton White GF Electric Titan III
White Gold Filled Version Is Quite Uncommon
Price  $ 795.00
Hamilton Electric Spectra 14K With Saturn Dial
Best Of Both Worlds-14K & Most Interesting Of All Electric Dials
Price  $ 1495.00
Hamilton Electric Sea-Lectric II GRAY DIAL
With Rare Gray Dial, It's A Nice Find
Price  $ 995.00
Hamilton Electric Victor Sunburst Dial
Mildly Asymmetric, With Two Curved Corners, And Offset Lugs
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric NOS Converta Bracelet
Complete Your Converta
Price  $ 995.00
Hamilton Electric Sea-Lectric IIB
Great Example With Uncommon IIB Design
Price  $ 595.00
Hamilton Electric Meteor Original Gold/Black Dial
Definitely Named For It's Case Shape
Price  $ 2295.00
Hamilton Electric Victor II & Original Bracelet
Price  $ 895.00
Hamilton Electric Titan III
With Faceted Crystal, It's An Elegant Design
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric Centaur
Don't Miss Out On This Rare One, With Understated Elegance
Price  $ 495.00
Hamilton Electric Spectra II
A Rare Find, In Great Shape, With Original Dial
Price  $ 595.00
Hamilton Electric Summit II
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric Taurus
Price  $ 325.00
Hamilton Electric Vela
Price  $ 495.00
Hamilton Electric Everest II With "AAA" Dial
Scarcer Everest II Version With Cool Logo Dial
Price  $ 795.00
Hamilton Electric Spectra Black Dial
Price  $ 1695.00
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