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Hamilton Electric 507 Calendar PROTOTYPE
With Only Around 25 Made, Rarity Is An Understatement
Price  $ 2995.00
Hamilton Elecctric Wear Test PROTOTYPE
Issued To Company Employees For Testing & Return
Price  $ 2195.00
Hamilton Electric Clearview With 502 Movement
Great Way To Display This Ultra Rare Prototype 502 Movement
Price  $ 1895.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Diamond Dial Van Horn
Rare Diamond Dial Version (No Wonder Few Were Sold) With Original Price of $300.
Price  $ 1995.00
Hamilton Electric Masonic Dial Nautilus 400
Great Example Of A Hamilton Made Custom Logo Dial
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Nautilus 403 Pocket Watch
Very Rare Hamilton Pocket Watch Designed To Use The 505 Electric Movement, With 500 Produced
Price  $ 1350.00
Hamilton Electric Atlantis
Scarce Model, With Original Dial In Excellent Shape
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Summit B
Rare Offering With Unique Dial Design & Spider Lugs
Price  $ 895.00
Hamilton Electric Clearview White Dial
Perfect Way To Show What's Inside Your Watch
Price  $ 1295.00
Hamilton-Ricoh With 555E Movement
Joint Venture With Japanese Company Ricoh From 1962 to 65
Price  $ 595.00
Hamilton Electric RR 51 Special
Price  $ 395.00
Hamilton Electric Regulus II
Only Hamilton Electric With A Swiss Made Case
Price  $ 795.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Van Horn Silver Dial
Price  $ 1095.00
Hamilton Electric Uranus
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric Sea-Lectric I

Arguably, The Best Looking Of All Of The Round Designs

Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric Armco Stainless Steel
Case Made With Armco Steel
Price  $ 695.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Nautilus 200
Rare Find With Floating Lugs & Large Size
Price  $ 995.00
Hamilton Electric 14K Buick Award Maiutilus
Twenty-Five Year Buick Award Watch From 1966
Price  $ 895.00
Hamilton Electric Nautilus 403 Pocket Watch
Great Example With Only 500 Made
Price  $ 1095.00
Hamilton Electric Desk Clock
Very Rare Offering
Price  $ 995.00
Hamilton 14K Van Horn Black Dial
Sale Pending
Price  $ 1095.00
Hamilton Electric Nautilus 506 Original Bracelet
Complete Your Nautilus 506
Price  $ 395.00
Hamilton Electric Nautilus 604 & Original Band
Sold Quickly
Price  $ 495.00
Hamilton Electric Nautilus 602 & Original Band
Price  $ 395.00
Hamilton Electric Nautilus 450
Price  $ 395.00
Hamilton Electric Titan
Price  $ 395.00
Hamilton Electric Nautilus 601
Price  $ 495.00
Hamilton Electric Converta IV & Original Bracelet
Price  $ 995.00
Hamilton Electric NOS Converta Bracelet
Complete Your Converta
Price  $ 895.00
"The Watch Of The Future" By Rene Rondeau
Extensively Revised Fourth Edition
Price  $ 36.95
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